Energy-efficient heat pumps set to enable Helsinki district heating to go carbon-neutral

Energy-efficient heat pumps set to enable Helsinki district heating to go carbon-neutral

Global energy technology provider Oilon designs high-temperature heat pumps. These energy-efficient pumps recycle heat into district heating systems, such as the one used by Helsinki-based company Helen to control the temperature in the Hertsi shopping mall in Herttoniemi, Helsinki.

In Finland, the heating of properties constitutes more than one quarter of the country’s total energy consumption. Therefore, making it as efficient as possible will be essential to meeting the ambitious Carbon Neutral Finland 2035 goal.  

An increasingly popular approach involves combined heating and cooling (CHC). Oilon produces combined, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, such as the ChillHeat heat pump. This eliminates the need for multiple types of equipment.  

Oilon deliveries of industrial heat pumps increased by 90 percent in just two years, and the company is quadrupling production to address the growing market. As Finland’s coal power stations are brought offline, heat pumps – which can generate heat even from cold, five-degree sea water – present a sustainable alternative.  

Oilon has selected ABB variable speed drives (VSDs) for its energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. These essential components can adjust the compressor’s speed to exactly suit the load.  

“A heat pump must be able to handle different load and temperature conditions. Frequency converter control enables precise control and a large partial capacity range,” Martti Kukkola, Chief Business Officer at Oilon, explains. “Our reasons for choosing ABB are reliability, an extensive range, and equipment that is functional from a techno-economic perspective.” 

“As a technology leader, we want to be the trailblazer for energy efficiency, and by cooperating with partners, we can do more and have a greater influence in this area. It is valuable to be able to build a more sustainable future with Oilon and Helen by combining Finnish innovation expertise,” adds Mika Männistö, Sales Director, ABB Motion Finland.