Imagining tomorrow

Imagining tomorrow

Imagination is the starting point for our future and engineering is our vehicle to change the world we live in. Engineers are visionaries, creators of the future, following the example of Nikola Tesla. He saw the world differently, creating the foundation for our present innovations by bringing imagination and technology together to shape our future. By Heikki Vepsäläinen, Division President, Large Motors and Generators at ABB. 

Innovations can sometimes change the world fundamentally and quickly, but change is more often gradual, happening because of improvements to existing innovations as we find ways  to do things better. But it always requires the ability to imagine something into existence.

For example, our Large Motors and Generators team recorded the highest efficiency ever for Induction Motors with an efficiency value of 98.16% resulting in a new World Record. This record is a huge milestone of innovation and great engineering skills.

It’s good news for our customers as it limits their energy costs and lowers overall operating costs. But it is even greater news for our planet – every increase in efficiency means a reduction in energy usage and lower CO2 emissions.

Over a 20 year period, this higher motor efficiency will result in the saving of more than 5,900 tons of CO2 [1], equating to more than 3000 round-trip flights over the Atlantic from London to New York. [2]

If we can replicate the carbon and energy savings from this motor across all similar motors in operation globally, the energy savings would be enormous. Incremental changes, small tweaks to a design, and the collective contributions of individuals can make a big difference.

Pablo Picasso once said “Everything you can imagine is real.” For us, as engineers the only limit to our ingenuity is our imagination. If we can imagine a future that is clean and green, with motors that consume half as much energy, then it must be achievable. It is our job to make that happen.

Heikki Vepsäläinen
Division President, Large Motors and Generators at ABB

1 Calculated on the basis of the CO2 Baseline Database published by the Central Electricity Authority in India.

2 Flight Carbon Calculator – Offset your Flight Carbon Footprint – CLevel