Achieving the Paris Agreement: The vital role of high-efficiency motors and drives in reducing energy consumption

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, the world needs to reduce energy use and emissions. We encourage you to study this white paper to find out how much difference improving electric motor efficiency can make.

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Up to 70% of electricity consumed by industry is used by electric motor systems. The technological advancement and adoption of high-efficiency motors and variable speed drives on the market, are key factors in achieving significant energy efficiency improvements in industry and infrastructure.

Discover how different stakeholders can lead and accelerate the industry change towards reaching the carbon reduction targets set by the Paris Agreement.

Motors at the forefront of global efforts to reduce emissions:

Adoption of high-efficiency motor systems would cut global electricity consumption by up to 10%

Replacing 80% of industrial motors with IE5 class technology saves more energy than the annual power consumption of Poland
ABB - Energy Efficiency Movement - City landscape

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