Reaching IE5 with magnet-free motors: Synchronous reluctance technology is becoming the first choice for improved energy efficiency

IE5, as defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), is quickly becoming the new norm for efficiency. This white paper looks at how synchronous reluctance technology is helping industry meet its new standards in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability and economic performance.

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Synchronous reluctance technology combines the performance of permanent magnet motors with the simplicity of induction motors. The rotor in a synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) has no magnets or windings and suffers virtually no power losses.

Customers can increase their energy efficiency, improve sustainability and enhance reliability by upgrading to ABB IE5 ultra-premium SynRM motors, which offer up to 40% lower energy losses as well as significantly lower energy consumption and CO₂ emissions than the commonly used IE3 induction motors.

Technology allows for improved energy efficiency, sustainability and reliability:

IE5 motors have 20% less losses compared to an IE4 motor regardless of technology or IEC standard used.

Synchronous reluctance technology increases a motor’s lifetime by reducing the temperature of both windings and bearings.

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