Husum board and pulp mill

SynRM and Drive package lift Energy Efficiency in Husum

Metsä Board’s Husum mill in Sweden is an integrated board and pulp mill. Thanks to ABB’s SynRM motors and drives, the facility is saving energy and money in their energy-intensive operations.

Husum mill outside Örnsköldsvik on the Swedish east coast produces folding board, white kraft liner and pulp. Energy-efficient operations are a prerequisite for the company to be able to meet sustainability goals.

“We want to be at the forefront of the industry in this regard. Metsä Group have a visionary view of achieving low energy consumption, and the most effective way to achieve our self-sufficiency targets is to use less energy while producing the same amount of product. That is why the SynRM project is important: by choosing energy-efficient engines, we get higher availability and lower energy consumption at the same time,” explains Agrell.

Metsa Husum mill ABB drives

Saving energy 365 days a year

When the mill needed to upgrade their six aging 30kW DC motors – used to drive the filter drums in one of the bleachers – the choice was between IE2-standard induction motors and synchronous reluctance motors.

“These are engines that are in operation almost 365 days a year,” explains Elias Agrell, automation engineer at Husum. “If we can save even a few percent energy, during the life of the engine it adds up to significant savings in costs and energy.”

SynRM is ABB’s most energy efficient motor choice for controlling the speed of intensive operations such as pumps and fans. Thanks to the combination of conventional technology, innovative magnet-free rotor construction, and robust construction, the motor meets the IE5 ultra-premium energy class criteria.

While the system efficiency of the IE2-rated induction motor is 88.6%, for the SynRM package it amounts to 93.1%. This equals a loss reduction of over 60% compared to IE2 motors, as well as reduced maintenance costs.

Motors at board and pulp mill

An environmental and economic payoff

Given 8,600 operating hours per year, the energy savings are estimated at approx. 13,900 kWh per engine per year at an average of 90% load. The total savings, employing six SynRM motors with ACS880 drives therefore amount to over 83,000 kWh per year. With such efficiency also comes an economic payoff – the investment pays for themselves within 18 months.

Furthermore, from the sustainability point of view, another advantage of SynRM motors is that they contain no rare earth metals because they do not rely on magnets to operate.

For the Husum mill, the adoption of new motors has resulted in the boost they were looking for. “The SynRM motors have worked flawlessly since they were put into operation, and we have made energy savings in line with what ABB promised,” Agrell concludes. “We have a very close collaboration with ABB, where we share a lot of ideas and have a common view on how we should be in step with technological developments.”

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