Sustainable solutions for logistics

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship travels the globe demonstrating the power and possibilities of electric mobility and displays sustainable solutions for logistics.

Mutual Benefits

The partnership between DHL and ABB offers mutual benefits that will extend beyond each company to their customers. Partners of each business, such as Formula E, will benefit from ABB’s energy-efficient technologies as well as data insights and service expertise coming from digitally-connected devices being adopted into DHL’s value chain. Whilst at the same time, ABB’s own supply chain will become more effective from their partnership with a global industry leader in DHL. Therefore, decreasing the carbon footprint of the products and services ABB provides.

Logistics and CO2-Reduction

Logistics is a huge area of opportunity for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Behind all products, services and events is a supply chain brought together by transportation and logistics. This transportation accounts for 30% of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions. By maximizing energy-efficiency in these supply chains, be it in transportation, logistics facilities or in adapting routes for more sustainable options, ABB and DHL can create a more sustainable logistics industry. Reducing carbon emissions for everyone along the supply chain and helping to make our planet a greener place.

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