Emissions monitoring system brings Vietnamese mill closer to sustainable steel production 

Rapid industrialization in Vietnam has significantly raised its emissions. Steel production in particular is responsible for vast amounts of waste products: experts estimate that around 10,000m3 of exhaust gas, 100kg of dust, and 80m3 of wastewater are produced for each ton of steel.  

Fortunately, many in Vietnam’s steel industry are taking steps to reduce emissions. The Hoa Phat Hai Duong Complex, founded in 2007, produces 850,000 tons of steel each year. Its modern synchro production line is the largest in the country. To lower the plant’s emissions and work toward sustainable steel production, the operator – Hoa Phat Group – recognized that it first needed data.  

To develop a detailed picture of the facility’s emissions, the operators installed ten ABB Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) into 10 smoke-exhausting pipes at different production lines and workshops. The CEMS include flow and dust measuring devices, a cold-dry gas analysis system, and an integrated data transmission system.  

The system can be monitored in real time by operators at the plant, enabling them to improve productivity, optimize combustion to reduce fuel and limit emissions, and decrease operating and maintenance costs for more sustainable steel manufacturing, among other benefits. It also ensures that the plant can comply with government steel manufacturing emissions standards.  

Other facilities in the Vietnam steel production community, including Mien Nam Steel Company, Ton Phuong Nam and Ton Dong A, have also adopted CEMS technology and are working toward reducing the carbon footprint of the steel industry. Vietnamese cement manufacturers – such as Song Gianh, Xuan Thanh, Van Hoa and Tam Diep – and power facilities – including Uong Bi, Na Duong PP, Mong Duong 1, Mong Duong 2 and Nghi Son PP – also use CEMS.  

“Our longstanding presence in the country as a leader in emission monitoring technologies and our positive reputation among existing customers throughout the country have resulted in earning the customer’s trust in ABB CEMS. Our CEMS not only helps Hoa Phat to achieve its optimal performance and cost savings, but also to increase uptime through reduced maintenance and calibration time. Furthermore, CEMS data transmission also establishes visibility of emission status and allows the customer to act when necessary to minimize impact on the environment,” said Nguyen Van Tu, ABB’s Manager for the Measurement and Analytics business in Vietnam.