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By pairing our breakthrough IE5 SynRM motor with the optimal ABB drive for your needs, you can push your output further than ever – saving energy, spending less, and producing more.

Combining motors and drives that are optimized for each other can increase efficiency in any industry, as well as lowering operational costs and improving productivity. And, through increasing energy efficiency, sustainability targets can be met more easily. ABB motor and drive packages give you one point of access, one supplier, and support whenever you need it.  

With 45% of the world’s energy being used to power electric motors, increasing their energy efficiency is a vital step on the path to sustainability. Combining ABB IE5 SynRM Motors with the most appropriate drive is one way to reduce waste and costs while maximising performance.

Fran Scott, science presenter and engineering enthusiast, interviews Joris Cocquyt of ABB, and Glen Hickman of Sentridge Limited, about how energy efficient technologies lead to substantial energy savings, paving the way to net zero emissions targets.

ABB IE5 SynRM and Drives: The perfect match – discover more here:

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