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A joint study with over 180 participants by the University of St Gallen and ABB explores the key challenges and opportunities for industries in developing energy efficient operations.

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A multi-industry study on the shift towards energy efficiency and sustainability.
Read the report here

In recent years, as issues related to climate change have come to the fore, the will to move towards more sustainable operations has been growing in many companies. However, although the desire to change is present, practical questions remain.

A new report from the University of St Gallen and ABB, titled Sustainable operations through energy efficiency, addresses four main objectives to support energy efficiency-related activities in industries. Firstly, the study reveals what drives energy efficiency activities. Secondly, it identifies the roadblocks preventing them. Thirdly, use-cases are revealed. Fourthly, new business models that can help boost energy efficiency are explored.

To provide data for the study, 40 interviews were conducted with stakeholders whose roles are directly related to energy efficiency. The results from 182 online quantitative surveys from different industries and countries were also used, and four academic experts were interviewed.

The results of the survey show that today more than ever before industrial companies take the topic of energy efficiency seriously. Driving an increase in energy efficiency is a wide variety of factors including the need to develop revenue streams and maintain reputation and brand image. Companies face many challenges in advancing energy efficiency agendas, but with the help of digital technologies, improved collaboration, and new business models, these issues may be overcome.

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