Partnering with the next generation

Inspiring the next generation to take part in our Energy Efficiency movement is important for us, at ABB. It is great meeting ambitious young women such as Emma Westberg, from Linköping, Sweden, using her academic platform and personal commitment to drive energy efficiency to the forefront of the environmental impact discussion.

Emma has just submitted her master thesis, in which she investigates the environmental impact of an ABB synchronous motor and drive installation over its life cycle. Her findings confirmed the importance of energy efficiency in motor and drive technology in terms of reducing energy consumption, and thus improving environmental performance.

Young people like Emma are showing us the way forward. It is through a scientific and fact-based approach to a topic that often evokes great emotional responses, that we can truly inspire and drive change. Her work not only points out where we can find room for improvement, but it can in fact serve as the basis for creating concrete actions that can improve the energy efficiency and thus environmental performance of industry as a whole.

When asked why the topic of her thesis was important to her, Emma explained that it combined many of her professional and personal interests. She is a well-educated, technically- and technologically- minded professional with a strong personal link to nature and a belief in taking responsibility for our actions. She sees that through technical innovations we can make changes that are beneficial to both business and environment at the same time. In the case of improving energy efficiency, there really is no down-side to be found in reducing energy consumption.

Emma sees the role of independent studies, especially those carried out by students and young people, to be real drivers for positive change. Her master thesis from Linköping University not only launched her professional career, but it now has all of us taking a closer look at the implications and possibilities of improved energy efficiency in large industrial motor applications. In her case it is safe to say that people have taken note of her work and her work has been highly valued at ABB. Emma exemplifies exactly the kind of people the energy efficiency movement needs.

When asked about how Emma sees the future, not just her own, but society and environment at large, she is hopeful. “There is a lot that can be done. It is definitely the responsibility of all three – governments, industry and individuals, to work together to make a positive impact. Personally, I want to continue to contribute to the themes of energy efficiency and sustainability. It is important for me to be able to work in a company and environment that reflects my own values.” We agree with Emma and urge everyone to commit to a future of improved efficiency and environmental performance.

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