Morten Wierod

Let’s make better decisions in 2022

Wireless connectivity and the exponential growth in data processing power has enabled us humans to be connected with each other and use digital services – whenever, wherever.

This has for sure had some unwanted side-effects, but I would argue that being connected has improved the quality of our lives and it has freed us from constraints that held us back before. It has enabled us to have an absolutely incredible amount of data at our fingertips.But data alone doesn’t make the day or necessarily create value. First of all, data needs to be accurate and correct. This has proven to be one of the weak points in the Internet of Humans. Secondly, we need to recognize relevant from irrelevant. Thirdly, we are still accountable for the decisions we make based on the data.

Trial, error, data, and science

We humans have historically learned through trial and error. Experience, data and science has helped us to get ahead of the curve. We don’t need to (at least not always and not if we don’t want to) learn from our mistakes, because data and science allows us to estimate and predict potential outcomes of different actions. It helps us to make better decisions. As an example, our wearable health devices might indicate that we have trained too much and slept too little, and it might even suggest we put focus on resting – give ourselves some preventive maintenance.

Data and science allows us to estimate and predict potential outcomes of different actions.

We in industry are now improving the quality and speed of decision making with the help of digital technologies. We are connecting our processes and products to get data which enables us to do better decisions. But what is a better decision? What are we looking to do? What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Making better decisions about sustainability

Some of the biggest questions and challenges we face today are related to the sustainability of our actions on this planet. If the planet would be wearing a personal health monitoring device like many of us are, it would probably say that the planet should pay attention to how it uses its resources, energy especially. It would probably recommend some preventive maintenance and process optimization. The good news is, we can do better decisions. And based on the discussions that I have had in 2021 with our employees, customers, partners and shareholders, there is will. Together we can use the data we have to change and improve the way we use natural resources. That leaves me optimistic about the future.

I wish everybody a connected holiday season and a smart new year

Morten Wierod
President, ABB Motion

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