Energy Efficiency

Our mission

Our goal is to facilitate energy efficiency implementation in the industry. We want to increase knowledge around energy effiency and allow organisations wanting to become more energy efficient to connect, share solutions and collaborate.

Our manifesto

Under current trends, we will reach 9.7 billion people on earth by 2050, leading to more than twice more economic activities and transactions. With more urbanization, automation and higher living standards the demand for energy will increase, and with it the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Energy efficiency is not an if, it’s a must in order to slow down global warming, improve public health through cleaner air and water, and increase energy security. Energy efficiency is the ‘first fuel’ for a decarbonized future: technologies needed to improve energy efficiency are available – we just need to use of them more and better.

To foster energy efficiency at scale, we need all stakeholders to work together:

  • Academia to intensify research on energy efficiency and to provide scientific facts to inform decision-making
  • Technology companies to innovate continuously on new applications and use cases to accelerate energy efficiency improvements
  • Public decision-makers and government regulators to incentivize rapid adoption of the most energy-efficient solutions and technologies and make required investments in energy efficiency measures
  • Investors to reallocate capital toward companies driving energy efficiency
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations to inform and advocate on energy efficiency.

Team & Executive Committee

Mike Umiker

Executive director
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Lisa Bounoure

Communication and Marketing Lead
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Anna Hall

Public affairs
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Jenny Jamot

Knowledge Hub Lead
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Prof. Johann Kolar,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)​

Power Electronics System Laboratory

Member of the executive committee
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Tarak Mehta, ABB
President, Motion Business Area

Member of the executive committee
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Thomas Møller,
Alfa Laval

Energy Division

Member of the executive committee
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The EEM becomes an independent association

  • The Movement is now organized as a non-profit association.
  • The Case for Industrial Energy Efficiency is published and the EEM participates in dozens of events worldwide.
  • 500+ Movers are part of the EEM.



The Movement gathers 200+ organisations

  • The Movement expands its focus on direct stakeholder engagement and collaborations.
  • The EEM establishes itself as a thought leadership leader for Energy Efficiency and supports Energy Efficiency symposia globally.
  • The number of Movers reaches 200.



The EEM is launched

  • The Energy Efficiency Movement is launched by ABB.
  • The focus is on building awareness around energy efficiency.
  • Alfa Laval joins the Movement as the first Mover.
  • A global interest for the Movement starts rapidly to grow.


Legal status and documents